Kindertagesstätte "Im Wiesengrund"

Kindertagesstätte "Im Wiesengrund"
Wiesenstr. 20
35510 Butzbach
Funding authority
Magistrat der Stadt Butzbach
Marktplatz 1
35510 Butzbach
06033/5919 (Julia Hermann)
Opening times7:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
early care7:00 AM - 7:30 AM o'clock
Extras care with lunch


Who we are:

In our daycare center, up to 100 children aged 3 years to school entry are cared for in four kindergarten groups, as well as up to 24 children aged 1 to 3 years in two daycare groups. The children come from 10 different districts around Hoch-Weisel.
Open, trusting and appreciative cooperation within the facility is the basis for successful pedagogical work. Cohesion, team spirit and a sense of community are fundamental values that have top priority for us as a team.
Our spacious, natural outdoor area offers the children the opportunity to follow their urge to move and to let off steam effectively on a regular basis. Likewise, a spacious movement room in the building offers enough space to let off steam.
We are integrated into the "village community" and work together with various institutions (e.g. Hausberg School, fire department, baker, butcher, senior citizens' residence, etc.).

What we offer:

  • living and learning in nature
  • extensive, natural outdoor area
  • Familiar atmosphere with a sense of tradition
  • humorous, warm and open team
  • large exercise room in the house
  • functional rooms for inter-group work
  • group overlapping offers for the "Schukis
  • lived integration
  • Smooth transitions from U3 to Ü3

What makes us special?

  • connectedness to nature
  • Center day care center
  • Integrated into the village community (cooperation with fire department, old people's home, butcher, baker, etc.)
  • support by the sponsoring association (festivals, events)



The daycare children eat a breakfast prepared by the educators together with the pedagogical staff every day.The daycare children are also offered such a breakfast daily, but in buffet form. Parents pay a monthly fee of 7€.


We get the food delivered daily by the "Kochfabrik Wetterau". The parents pay 3€ for a meal. Lunch is served to the children inside the group rooms.

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Our partially open concept with its focus on nature, movement and participation is intended to give the children the opportunity to follow their own interests in order to learn with joy and to perceive and develop themselves as independent personalities. In addition to the thematic and situational content that is worked on together within the individual groups, the children can use various functional areas to expand their knowledge and consolidate social contacts. Furthermore, it is very important to us that the children appreciate our nature and learn to deal with it consciously.

Teamwork with school

The children transfer to the Hausberg School at the age of 5. This is located in the immediate vicinity.
The cooperation with the specialists of the Hausbergschule (teachers, social pedagogues, etc.) allows the children a smooth transition to the first level.


Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 20/04/2024 11:37:45)

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