Kinderhaus "Pusteblume"


3 Jahre bis 6 jahre

Kinderhaus "Pusteblume"
Am Schützenhaus 1
35510 Butzbach
Funding authority
Magistrat der Stadt Butzbach
Marktplatz 1
35510 Butzbach
Opening times7:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
Closing daysSommerschließung immer die letzten 3 Wochen der Sommerferien.


Who we are: The Pusteblume Kinderhaus has 4 kindergarten groups that accommodate children from 3 years of age until they start school. What we offer: • Living inclusion • holistic support for every child • partially open concept with functional rooms What makes us special A lot! Spatially, it is the large, bright functional rooms and the size of the facility. Educationally, we have a good view of the children and their individual needs, so that we can implement and further develop the holistic, inclusive concept for the support of each individual child on a daily basis. We are also part of the "early start" project.


Lunch is provided by Kochfabrik Wetterau, which supplies us with a balanced, varied lunch every day.

Our breakfast is sugar-free. Parents provide their childs with a chewy and healthy breakfast. We are part of the union sugar-free-morning. In our kindergarden we just eat sugar in fruits for breakfast. Its important for us to have a chewing-active breakfast, which built good mouthmuscles for clear and intelligle speech. On birthdayparty´s in the kindergarden, we celebrate this program too. So they parents offer nice and healthy food without added breakfast for the kindergardengroup.

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The kindergarten works according to a partially open concept. Every child has their own fixed home group, but can play in any function room during the free play time. There are fixed times for the home group, such as B. the morning circle. A central area of ​​observation and documentation of the development processes is the weekly children's meeting, in which the educators use case discussions to determine the best possible support for the children. The educational partnership with the parents is particularly important here, because sustainable educational work cannot be carried out without the parents or legal guardians. Through this trusting relationship between parent-child educators, a lot is moved and stimulated. The kindergarten has a broad network and cooperates with many network partners if necessary. Examples of this are early childhood education, elementary schools, vocational schools, special needs teachers, speech therapists, sponsored dentists, paediatricians, the "early start" project, community work, youth welfare office, socio-educational family help, fire brigade, the social city project, and many more. All with the aim of achieving the best possible individual support for every child.

Teamwork with school

Almost all of the dandelion children attend the Degerfeld School. The special thing about it is that the children go to the preschool of the Degerfeldschule when they are 5 years old. The first school year there is divided into two years. In the last year of kindergarten, the preschool children experience each other as a group and do preschool work two days a week. The preschool group and the preschool forest day are two fixed dates a week on which the preschool children experience each other as a group who will soon be going to school. Writing, reading or arithmetic is not on the agenda here, but strengthening self-confidence and independence.

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