Waldkindergarten Ezelsdorf "Grashüpfer"

2,5 - zum Schuleintritt

Waldkindergarten Ezelsdorf "Grashüpfer"
Bucher Straße 0
90559 Burgthann
Funding authority
Gemeinnützige Grashüpfer UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Rennbühlweg 45
92318 Neumarkt
091815129535 (Frau Schraml)
Opening times7:30 AM - 2:00 PM o'clock
Closing days30 Tage
Specially educational concept nature education, Situation orientated approach, Wood-Pedagogy
Extras Child care with special focus on environmental education

Current information


The Grashüpfer forest kindergarten is located on the outskirts of Ezelsdorf, between the sports field and tennis court.

The children experience every season up close. A large construction trailer offers space to warm up in winter or even in very wet weather.

We are a one-group kindergarten with 23 little Grashüpfer (grasshoppers) from 2.5 years old until they start school. They play, splash, sing, climb and experience many wonderful things with us.

The focus of our pedagogical work is on play as a child's purpose in life. All games in the forest challenge and promote the perception and all the senses in a holistic way. The close experience of the cycle of nature challenges the children to fit into a rhythm and a system in a natural way.

The children in the forest kindergarten have many play spaces at their disposal in which they can develop cognitively, emotionally and socially.

Children experience and experience themselves directly as part of nature in the natural environment of the Forest Kindergarten. Attentiveness and respect towards fellow human beings, animals and nature in the forest are experienced daily and thus internalized.

The educational mandate of a kindergarten in general (which is defined in the Bavarian Education and Upbringing Plan (BAYKIBIG)) consists of promoting the child holistically, i.e. his or her entire personality. The focus is on skills and abilities whose development is promoted in the facility.

These abilities and skills are.

Physical competence
Emotional stability and self-esteem
Cognitive competence
Language competence
Acquisition of values and responsibility
Appropriate behavior in a social context
School readiness

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We have at our disposal 3 construction wagons and the whole forest.

Trees to climb. A sandbox, a watercourse to muddy.

And much more on our 



Daily Schedule

7.30 The first children arrive....Arrival takes place in the construction trailer or outside in the forest

(depending on weather conditions)

until 8.30

everyone is there, :-) we sit down together for the morning circle, sing songs, see what day, month, weather and season it is. After that we have breakfast.

about 9.30

Now everyone is allowed to play what and with whom he wants (of course outside in any weather), projects are offered (preschool projects, etc.....)

There is climbing, sawing, carving, role-playing, handicrafts and laughter. Often we also explore the forest and walk to the "Waldnest" or the Goldhut or our 1 way.

about 12.00

All the "outdoor air" makes us hungry.

Hands are washed and lunch is served, which the children have brought with them.  Fruit and vegetables are cut up for lunch.

Between 12.45 and 13.00

is the 1st pick-up time.

Until 13.20 there is still playing, games or creative offers can be finished.

From 13.30 is the 2nd pick-up time.

At 14 o'clock our daily kindergarten routine ends at the Grashüpfern.



 The children bring their snack suitable for the forest from home. At lunchtime, fruit and vegetables are freshly cut.

Within the framework of various projects, there may also be warm meals such as pumpkin or vegetable soup, pudding, etc..

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