Krippe im Heilpädagogischen Zentrum


1 Jahr bis Schuleintritt

Krippe im Heilpädagogischen Zentrum
Wasserwerksweg 6
31303 Burgdorf
Funding authority
Lebenshilfe Burgdorf e.V.
Wasserwerksweg 6
31303 Burgdorf
05136 - 9208160
Opening times7:30 AM - 2:30 PM o'clock
Closing days30 Ferientage (Ostern, Sommer, Herbst, Weihnachten)
und 2 Studientage
→ ca. 32 Tage, überwiegend in den Schulferien
Therapeutic support Logopedia, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy
Extras care with lunch
Pets Ja (Pferde in unserem Reitbereich)

Current information


In our facility, we accompany children in their development in the various groups from their first birthday until they start school at the latest. The basis of our pedagogical activities is the orientation plan for education and upbringing of the state of Lower Saxony. Particularly important to us is the basic attitude of perceiving each child as democratic and competent.

In our facility we care for up to 94 children in 7 curative KiTa groups, 2 cooperative KiTa groups as well as an integrative crèche. On our spacious grounds, our KiTa groups are housed in 3 houses. In addition to the riding arena, the stable and indoor riding arena are located on the nearby riding grounds. The children of the HPZ regularly take part in curative vaulting/riding every 14 days.

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Offered care types at Dec 7, 2023:

Kind of carecount integrated places
2 Places


We are aware of our responsibility regarding the topic of inclusion and have set out on the path with our integrative nursery "Rappelkiste" and our cooperative daycare groups "Mullewapp 1" and "Mullewapp 2". In the long term, we want to offer all children the unrestricted opportunity to visit our facility. Each child receives differentiated support adapted to his or her individual character and needs, with the goal of personality development and self-determination. The basis of the pedagogical work is the fundamental attitude of perceiving each child as competent. It is pedagogically important to us to involve all children in a participatory manner in everyday activities. Because EVERY child has this right. Happy, resilient and democratic children are well equipped for the challenges of life.


In unseren heilpädagogischen KiTa‐Gruppen begleiten und betreuen wir jeweils 6 ‐ 8 Kinder ab dem 3. Geburtstag bis spätestens zum Schuleintritt. Unsere heilpädagogischen KiTa‐Gruppen besuchen vorrangig Kinder aus Burgdorf, Lehrte, Sehnde, Burgwedel, Isernhagen, Uetze und den umliegenden Ortschaften. Ein Fahrdienst befördert die Kinder zwischen Wohnort und HPZ.


Montag bis Donnerstag: 8:00‐14:30 Uhr, Freitag: 8:00‐13.00 Uhr

Besonderheiten der Einrichtung:

  • Eine integrative Krippengruppe (1 - 3 Jahre),
  • 2 kooperative KiTa- Gruppen (Kinder einer heilpädagogischen Gruppe und einer kleinen KiTa-Gruppe spielen und lernen gemeinsam),
  • 7 heilpädagogische KiTa- Gruppen für Kinder mit besonderem Unterstützungs bedarf,
  • Barriere arm,
  • Logopädie, Ergotherapie und Physiotherapie nach Bedarf und Verfügbarkeit über externe Praxen,
  • Sprachbildung,
  • Frisch zubereitetes Mittagessen in der hauseigenen Küche,
  • Heilpädagogisches Voltigieren/Reiten
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For the children without support needs in the integrative nursery and our cooperative KiTa groups, the admission criteria according to the statutes/city of Burgdorf apply. The admission criteria for the children in our curative KiTa groups are defined in the service agreement concluded with the respective cost bearers.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 01/11/2023 16:02:43)

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