Krippe Otze Kapellenweg

1-3 Jahre

Krippe Otze Kapellenweg
Kapellenweg 17
31303 Burgdorf
Funding authority
Stadt Burgdorf
Rolandstraße 13
31303 Burgdorf
05136 - 9206706
Opening times7:00 AM - 3:30 PM o'clock
early care7:00 AM - 8:00 AM o'clock
Closing days2 Wochen in den Sommerferien
1 Woche zwischen Weihnachten und Neujahr
3 - 4 Studientage
2 Organisationstage
Specially educational concept child oriented education, daily routine language education, Situation approach
Extras care with lunch, full day care

Current information


At the Otze daycare center, we care for a maximum of 115 children between the ages of one and six. The Otze daycare center is spread over two locations. At the "Heeg" location there are three kindergarten groups with 25 places each, one kindergarten group with 10 places and one crèche group with 15 places. At the location "Kapellenweg" there is a crèche group with 15 places. The Heeg site is surrounded by forest and the elementary school is right next door. The Kapellenweg location is in an old half-timbered house directly in the center of Otze. The group rooms of the facility are furnished with natural materials and emphasize our focus on nature and the living world. In addition to the group rooms, the daycare offers the children many other opportunities to pursue their interests - there is a children's kitchen, a library, a large movement room, children's bistro and playable hallways, and we are also allowed to use the gym of the elementary school.

Special features of the facility:

  •     Holistic learning
  •     Location of the facility directly at the forest
  •     Focus on nature and the living environment
  •     Accompaniment of a forest pedagogue
  •     Intergroup work in age and interest groups

Outdoor Facilities

The children have at their disposal a natural outdoor area full of adventure.

Daily Schedule

  • Bring time until 9:00am
  • Time for free play, as well as activities, projects, joint circles, etc.
  • Breakfast on wheels until 10:30am
  • Lunch between 11:15am and 1:00pm
  • In the day nursery time for resting from 12:00am onwards
  • Time for free play, as well as activities, projects, shared circles, etc.
  • Afternoon snack approx. 14:00h
  • Pick up time until 15:30


Fresh menus for lunch from Vitesca Cook & Chill procedures.

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Offered care types at Dec 7, 2023:

Kind of carecount integrated places
0 Places


  • The basis of our pedagogical work is based on the Lower Saxony Orientation Plan for Education and Upbringing, the Basic Law (GG), the Social Code VIII (SGB VIII), the Daycare Centers Act (NKiTaG) and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  •  We are committed first and foremost to the well-being of the child and base our pedagogical work on the child protection framework concept and the pedagogical support framework concept of our provider, the city of Burgdorf.
  •  We understand the developmental area of nature and the living environment from the Lower Saxony Orientation Plan for Education and Upbringing as the focus of our pedagogical work. The encounter with nature in their own environment expands and enriches the children's wealth of experience. Free play on our appealing outdoor grounds is firmly integrated into the day-to-day life of the daycare center. This invites the children to experience the cycle of nature and the elements (such as water, air, etc.) through play.
  •  Participation is a child's right. We introduce each child to the use of his or her rights.
  • "Wortstark in Burgdorf" focuses on language education integrated into everyday life. The professionals accompany the child's actions and nonverbal expressions with language and thus give them words for their actions. We actively involve children and create language opportunities.
  • Language-stimulating play materials, as well as singing and movement games, are an integral part of our daily routine. All staff members are or will be trained according to the concept "Wortstark in Burgdorf".
  • We use the EBD system. Each child is observed twice a year in a "1 to 1" situation and his or her developmental status is determined and documented using tasks developed for this purpose.
  • We promote joint holistic learning in age groups and interest groups, among other things. Our logo is part of our pedagogical work. The children grow from a larva to a frog.
  • In the last year before school, various projects developed by the children take place within the groups, but also across groups, in order to prepare the "frogs" for school.This project work is organized by a working group formed for this purpose. Currently, it consists of the children, a specialist from each kindergarten group, as well as a spring staff.
  • In our daily work with U3 children, we pay attention to some special features.  Younger children need even more security and orientation.We make this possible for them through rituals, repetition, more time in the daily routine and in play. We always approach the children sensitively and empathically.We achieve this through loving and intensive attention.The needs of each individual child are our priority.


Quality Assurance

  • Quality assurance and development take place through regular meetings with the specialist advisory service, in service meetings and through individual further training, as well as study days.



Our daycare center is in cooperation with:

  •     Otze Elementary School
  •     Hertha Otze
  •     Forest educator   
  •     police/fire brigade
  •     Region Hannover and their organized dental prophylaxis
  •     E-Center to plant the vegetable patch


Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 01/11/2023 16:02:44)


According to statute

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 01/11/2023 16:02:44)

Description and Stations

From Otze train station follow the street "Heeg", the first big house on the right side is the daycare center.

Coming from Burgdorf take the Otzer Landstraße towards Otze. In Otze turn right into Worthstraße and follow the road, behind the train station the road becomes Heeg, the first house on the right side is the Kita.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 01/11/2023 16:02:44)

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