Kooperative Kita im Heilpädagogischen Zentrum

Kooperative Kita im Heilpädagogischen Zentrum
Wasserwerksweg 6
31303 Burgdorf
Funding authority
Lebenshilfe Burgdorf e.V.
Wasserwerksweg 6
31303 Burgdorf
05136 - 9208160
Opening times7:30 AM - 2:30 PM o'clock
Closing days30 Ferientage (Ostern, Sommer, Herbst, Weihnachten)
und 2 Studientage
→ ca. 32 Tage, überwiegend in den Schulferien

Current information


In our facility, we accompany children in their development in the various groups from their first birthday until they start school at the latest. The basis of our pedagogical activities is the orientation plan for education and upbringing of the state of Lower Saxony. Especially important to us is the basic attitude of perceiving each child as democratic and competent. In our facility we care for up to 94 children in 7 curative KiTa groups, 2 cooperative KiTa groups as well as an integrative crèche. Our KiTa groups are accommodated in 3 houses on our spacious grounds. In addition to the riding arena, the stables and the indoor riding arena are located on the nearby riding grounds. The children of the HPZ regularly take part in therapeutic vaulting/riding every 14 days.

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Offered care types at Dec 7, 2023:

Kind of carecount integrated places
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We see our responsibility in accompanying children in all areas of learning and experience and in supporting their striving to understand the world and to acquire skills for action. The cooperation with parents/guardians is very important for our family-supplementing work with the children. In the "transition year" we work closely with all the relevant elementary school.


In our curative education KiTa groups, we accompany and care for 6 - 8 children at a time from their 3rd birthday until they start school at the latest. Our special needs groups are mainly attended by children from Burgdorf, Lehrte, Sehnde, Burgwedel, Isernhagen, Uetze and the surrounding towns. A transportation service transports the children between their place of residence and the HPZ.

Care hours:

Monday to Thursday: 8:00-14:30, Friday: 8:00-13.00.

Special features of the facility:

  •     One integrative nursery group (1 - 3 years),
  •     2 cooperative KiTa groups (children of a curative education group and a small KiTa group play and learn together),
  •     7 special needs groups for children with special needs,
  •     Barrier poor,  Speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy as needed and available through   external practices,
  •     Language education,
  •     Freshly prepared lunch in the in-house kitchen,
  •     Therapeutic vaulting/riding
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For the children without support needs in the integrative nursery and our cooperative KiTa groups, the admission criteria according to the statutes/city of Burgdorf apply. The admission criteria for the children in our curative KiTa groups are defined in the service agreement concluded with the respective cost bearers.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 01/11/2023 16:02:43)

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