Kita Weststadt

Krippe: 1 bis 3 Jahre Kiga: 3 bis 6 Jahre Hort: 1te bis 4te Klasse

Kita Weststadt
Lippoldstraße 12
31303 Burgdorf
Funding authority
Stadt Burgdorf
Rolandstraße 13
31303 Burgdorf
05136 - 86217
Opening times8:00 AM - 3:00 PM o'clock
early care7:00 AM - 8:00 AM o'clock
Closing days2 Wochen in den Sommerferien
3 Studientage
Zeitraum zwischen Weihnachten und Neujahr
Specially educational concept daily routine language education, livebased approach, partially open concept, project approach, Situation approach
Extras Barrier-free, care with lunch
Pets Unsere Einrichtung bekommt regelmäßig tierischen Besuch von einem ausgebildeten Begleithund und von Kaninchen (vor allem in den Sommermonaten).

Current information


The daycare center Weststadt consists of 3 kindergarten groups, 2 crèche groups and 2.5 after-school groups. Furthermore, our house has a multi-purpose hall and a large corridor area in which other smaller functional areas are integrated. The rooms of the after-school care center are located in the elementary school across the street. Each group has a group room with an adjoining checkroom and washroom.

Special features of our facility:

  • Possibility of care from nursery age to the end of primary school in one facility.
  • Large outdoor area, designed according to the principles of the Holunderschule.
  • Functional areas for all groups
  • Large book collection
  • Multi-professional team: social education assistant, state-certified educator, speech therapist, state-certified social worker.

Outdoor Facilities

Our outdoor area can be reached from every group and surrounds the building once. There, the children have several climbing frames, swings, two slides, sandboxes and various materials (sand toys and vehicles) at their disposal.

Daily Schedule

In the period from 7:00 to 8:00 a.m., the inter-group early service (kindergarten, crèche and after-school care) takes place. From 08:00, the children meet with the pedagogical staff in their respective groups.

The daily rituals include a discussion circle (in the morning or at noon), pedagogical offers oriented to the needs of the children, the rolling breakfast, free play phases (indoors and/or outdoors, depending on the weather conditions) and the joint group lunch (around 12:00).

We ask that the children arrive at the kindergarten by 09:00 / 08:45 in the nursery.


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Offered care types at Dec 7, 2023:

Kind of carecount integrated places
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In our house there are social pedagogic assistants. Educators, speech therapists and social pedagogues work in our house.

The kindergarten groups are staffed with 2 to 3, the crèche groups with 3 pedagogical staff. A total of 6 staff members work in the 2.5 after-school groups.

All our staff members regularly attend further training courses, which ensures continuous quality.

In our pedagogical work we attach great importance to participation and self-determined learning of the children. We work in the form of projects, which we also like to do across groups. Our pedagogical work is always oriented towards the needs and interests of the children. The developmental status of the children is documented twice a year through the observation procedure (EBD).

Especially during the children's transition to the neighboring elementary school, we work closely with the school.

Since we see our facility not only as a home for your children, but for the entire family, we cultivate a trusting relationship with parents. This includes daily contact, parents' evenings, topic-specific information evenings, our Cafè Weststadt (a café for families and pedagogical staff) and at least one joint Kita celebration per year.

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Description and Stations

The Weststadt daycare center is located in Burgdorf's Weststadt district in the immediate vicinity of the Astrid Lindgren Elementary School. The daycare center is easy to reach on foot, by bicycle and by car. The facility is within walking distance of the train station, which is about 15 minutes away. There is a bus stop for line 916 directly in front of the daycare center.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 01/11/2023 16:02:44)

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