Kath. Kindertgesstätte St. Anna

In der katholischen Kindertagesstätte St. Anna können Kinder im Alter von zwei Jahren und zehn Monaten bis zum Schuleintritt aufgenommen werden.

Kath. Kindertgesstätte St. Anna
Am Festplatz 6
69488 Birkenau
Funding authority
Katholische Pfarrgemeinde Maria Himmelfahrt
Hauptstraße 55
69488 Birkenau
Opening times7:30 AM - 4:30 PM o'clock
Closing daysCirca 26

Sommerferien drei Wochen,
Weihnachten circa 6 Tage,
Extras Integrative facility, care with lunch, full day care

Current information


Mission Statement of the Catholic Day Care Center "St. Anna" Birkenau

We are a Catholic daycare center of the Birkenau parish group and thus part of the parish of Maria Himmelfahrt.

As with Jesus, we focus on children as unique creatures of God. Our house is open to all children and their families. That is why we do not differentiate according to origin, skin colour, social class, physical, mental or spiritual specificity.

In the diversity of this world, it is a matter of course for us to treat all other religions and cultures with respect. We have a wide variety of nationalities in our kindergarten and feel that the diversity of the children, parents and educators is an enrichment for our daily work. It is important to us to accept the child and the person as an individual and to take them seriously. Everyone brings different abilities, strengths and weaknesses to the children's playground.

We are an open, warm team that likes to share our enthusiasm for the Christian faith with children and parents.

We work according to the open approach. Our rooms are functional rooms where children can stay and play according to their needs and preferences.

We see it as our task to meet the children at eye level and to get involved with their individual needs.

„Teach me to do it myself.“

Maria Montessori


We see it as our task:
• To accompany and support the children in their daily activities
• Offer you new incentives
• To accompany their development
• To challenge and encourage them
• To convey structure through recurring rituals
• To experience the individual and the group
• To let the children actively participate in the organization of their day-to-day kindergarten life

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Offered care types at Apr 16, 2024:

Kind of care
 Betreuung für Kinder zwischen 3 und 6 Jahren ganztags (45 Std./Woche)
 Regelbetreuung für Kinder zwischen 3 und 6 Jahren (27,5 Std./Woche)
 Verlängerte Regelbetreuung für Kinder zwischen 3 und 6 Jahren (32,5 Std./Woche)


For our pedagogical work, this means:

Living together in our daycare center is noticeable through:

  • Be accepted with all strengths and weaknesses
  • Courage to live, to develop further, to be curious about life
  • Have confidence in yourself and others
  • Build self-confidence
  • Be able to live out and express feelings
  • Develop a good culture of debate –
  • Develop healthy selfishness
  • Experience community
  • Support of the family

be a role model

      •    Manners with each other

      •    Handling animals, plants and materials

      • Broaden your view of other countries, other cultures

Have time and take time for the individual child

  • Nurturing relationships
  •   Dealing with each other in a spirit of partnership
  •   Handing over responsibility to the children
  •   Setting rules together
  •   Listen
  •   Showing and praising love
  •   Taking each other seriously

Observing and perceiving the needs of the children
      •     Picking up on their topics
      •     Recognizing and addressing strengths and weaknesses



Religious Education Units

  •   Stories
  •   Songs and Dances
  •   Laying work
  •   Worship services with the parish
  •   Worship services in the day-care center
  •   Seasonal festivals
  •   Picture Books
  •   Role-playing games e.g. St. Martin
  •   Morning and chair circle
  •   Excursions
  •   Celebrate your birthday


Pedagogical staff:
• Full-time positions
• Part-time positions
• Integration forces
• Day interns
• One-year interns

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 20/03/2024 12:54:52)
Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 20/03/2024 12:54:52)

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