Familienzentrum Lange Wiese

Familienzentrum Lange Wiese
Lange Wiese 6
33613 Bielefeld
Funding authority
AWO Kreisverband Bielefeld e. V.
Mercatorstraße 10
33602 Bielefeld
0521/888035 (Frau Sabrina Wolf)
Opening times7:00 AM - 4:00 PM o'clock
Foreign languages English, Turkish
Specially educational concept Situation approach
Extras Integrative facility, Parents center, care with lunch

Current information

 Im Kita-Jahr 2023/24 sind bereits alle Plätze belegt. 


The AWO Family Center "Lange Wiese" is located in the Gellershagen district and offers a total of 30 care places. Of these, 10 places in group form II are reserved for children under three years of age and 20 places (of which two to three places are reserved for children with integration needs) in group form III for children aged three years up to school entry.
The responsible body for the facility is the AWO Kreisverband Bielefeld e.V.

For the kindergarten year 2020/2021 we still have places available in the U3 group.
The Ü3 group is already occupied, there are no more places available.


Outdoor Facilities

Our outdoor area is located behind the facility and is accessible to all groups. The children can play in a variety of ways, such as a large sandbox, a slide, two large swings, a nest swing and homemade tepees.


Each group has a group room as well as a group side room. In addition, we have an exercise room, a bedroom and a kitchen as well as sanitary facilities with a nappy-changing area.


Daily Schedule

The day begins with us at 07:00 o'clock and ends at 16:00 o'clock. The day is structured by a bring-in phase, morning circle, breakfast, pedagogical offers, lunch, sleep and rest phase, free play phase etc.


Breakfast: The children bring their breakfast from home. In the fox group a sliding breakfast is offered, the mouse group eats together.
Lunch: Lunch is provided by Apetito, there is no pork and we offer daily raw vegetables and fruit.
Afternoon snack: The children usually get fresh fruit, crispbread, rice waffles, yogurt.

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The AWO Family Center Lange Wiese is a day care center for children, where the needs of the children and their education, upbringing and care are the focus of attention.
Special attention is paid in our facility to language, movement, creativity and above all social skills.
The pedagogical offers are based on the life situation of the children, their families and their social environment.


Our team consists of

a freelance facility manager

7 pedagogical employees (certified social pedagogue, educator, social assistant, educator in training)
2 yearly internships

1 kitchen staff
1 cleaning power

Additional Offerings

  • Spielgruppe für Kleinkinder
  • Erziehungsberatung
  • Sprachförderung
  • Logopädische Diagnostik
  • Elterntraining

Teamwork with parents

  • The cooperation with the parents is very important to us, because only if a trusting and honest cooperation is established, we can all act for the good of the child.

    Therefore, regular parent-child events are offered on various topics. In addition, we offer a parents' café twice a month in cooperation with the Kinderschutzbund Bielefeld. Parents also have the opportunity to take advantage of parent counseling.

    In addition to this, we organize events together with the parents during the course of the kindergarten year, e.g. winter breakfast, father-child morning, baking together, etc.)



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Description and Stations

City  line 3: stop "Koblenzer Straße"
Footpath via Koblenzer Straße and Lange Wiese (then first street left)

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 02/02/2023 11:44:39)

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