Evang. KiTa Saas Wichtelzwerge

1-3 Jahre

Evang. KiTa Saas Wichtelzwerge
Glockenstr. 48
95447 Bayreuth
Funding authority
Diakonisches Werk Stadtmission Bayreuth
Kirchplatz 5
95444 Bayreuth
0921/79312170 (Stefanie Salihu, Bereichsleitung ; Nina Hauenstein Gesamtleitung)
Opening times7:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
Closing daysFreitag um 14:00 Uhr, Sommerschließzeiten, Konzeptionstage, Buß-und Bettag, Winterschließzeiten, Faschingsdienstag, Betriebsausflug
Specially educational concept child oriented education, inclusion, livebased approach, nature education, partially open concept, project approach, Science/Project methods, Situation orientated approach
Extras Barrier-free, Child care for physical education, Integrative facility, care with lunch, cooperation facility, family counseling, for children with special educational needs, full day care



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Offered care types at Feb 25, 2021:

Kind of carecount places
 Kinderbetreuung U3
30 Places
 Kinderbetreuung Ü3
18 Places