Kinderhaus Regenbogen

1 Jahr bis zum Schuleintritt

Kinderhaus Regenbogen
Dobeltal 26/1
76332 Bad Herrenalb
Funding authority
Stadt Bad Herrenalb
Rathausplatz 11
76332 Bad Herrenalb
Opening times7:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
Closing days32
Foreign languages German
Specially educational concept child oriented education, daily routine language education, intercultural education, livebased approach, nature education, partially open concept
Extras Barrier-free, Integrative facility, care with lunch, full day care, language education

Current information

Required for registration are:

Immunization card with current measles vaccination status.
Employer's certificate(s) stating the weekly working hours
If applicable, certificate of sole custody



Our day care center for children with the city of Bad Herrenalb is located in the idyllic Dobel Valley, 
surrounded by a lot of nature, forest, a sensory path and the Dobelbach. 
It is a place of learning and discussion, in security.
The basic values of democracy, freedom, responsibility, tolerance and solidarity are only 
can only be implemented in the pedagogical work if children have stable, trusting relationships with their pedagogical 
have stable, trusting relationships with their pedagogical staff and feel emotionally accepted and secure.

Range of services:

  • Reliable all-day care with 10 hours of continuous opening time Crèche and kindergarten places for children from their 1st birthday until they start school. 
  • Year-round admission with individual acclimatization period 
  • Flexible drop-off and pick-up times
  • Varied full board, beverages available all day long
  • Age heterogeneous group structure 
  • Multi-professional team that undergoes consistent further training
  • Pedagogical concept based on the "life-oriented approach
  • Everyday integrated language support
  •  Diverse learning incentives in well-equipped rooms  Forest and meadow days, cooking and cereal days for all ages



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Offered care types at Mar 30, 2023:

Kind of care
 Verlängerte Öffnungszeit - Kleinkindbetreuung für Kinder von 1 - 3 Jahren.
 Ganztagesbetreuung von Kindern von 3 Jahren bis zum Schuleintritt (mit Mittagessen)
 Verlängerte Öffnungszeit - Betreuung von Kindern von Kindern von 3 Jahren bis zum Schuleintritt.


At Kinderhaus Regenbogen we care for children from their 1st birthday until they start school.We work according to the "life-based approach" and therefore look at everything from the child's life and experience. In this way we can prepare the children for future demands in their lives. It includes the methodical-didactic education and upbringing. The development of cognitive abilities, also with regard to the current and future life of the children, finds its concrete consideration in the life-based approach.We practice a democratic-partnership style of education.In the life-based didactic position, above all, the principle of experiential education and thus, in terms of learning theory, discovery learning is called for:

little directing,
allowing for multiple paths and outcomes,
relying on initiative,
encouraging action,
avoiding only verbal communication

The focus is on the child as an active creator of his or her life.In our work, we are guided by what is significant in the current lives of our children.We strive to build a positive, trusting relationship with all children.This relationship thrives on respect and mutual trust, because emotional security and attention form the basis for collective learning processes and for the development of independence.The special view of the child is expressed in the fact that the importance and knowledge of the individuality of the children and their different developmental trajectories is a crucial prerequisite for working in the life-based approach:

the children learn to take responsibility for themselves and others
they learn rules of living together
they learn about life in the community and experience respect and recognition of their own personality
life and learning are oriented towards the basic needs and present interests of the children.
children are active learners and learn in social contexts
they learn through playful activities and active play
children have the right to recognition and individuality
Life-related kindergarten work is planned, prepared and followed up. We do this by taking into account the interests of the children as a group, as well as those of the individual child.We carry out targeted learning opportunities, these promote mental agility, imagination and creativity. Also what is required in the school area, such as;

own activity, willingness to perform as well as well-developed social skills.

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Prerequisites for the acceptance of a place

You must submit your request in writing by February 15 of the year.

Prior to admission to the facility, each child must provide proof of adequate immunization or immunity to measles and a certificate of medical examination.

Priority is given to families who meet the following criteria

  • Belonging to the own community (town of Bad Herrenalb)
  • Occupation of the legal guardian(s) - proof required
  • Marital status - proof required
  • Age of the child at the expected time of admission
  • Special needs (integration/inclusion) - proof required
  • Sibling in the facility at the same time
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