St. Georg

2 Jahre - Schuleintritt

St. Georg
Bergesch 5
88326 Aulendorf
Funding authority
Katholische Kirchengemeinde St. Martin
Hauptstraße 29
88326 Aulendorf
07525 / 435 (Anja Müller)
Opening times7:00 AM - 4:30 PM o'clock
lunch closing12:30 PM - 2:00 PM o'clock
Closing daysVÖ 7:00 Uhr -13:00 Uhr
RG 7:30 Uhr - 12.30 Uhr
Mo./Do. 14:00 - 16:30 Uhr
Specially educational concept partially open concept, Situation orientated approach

Current information


The St. Georg kindergarten is a 2-group facility in the district of Zollenreute. The kindergarten is on the outskirts, surrounded by meadows with grazing animals and fields.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 14/06/2022 16:20:25)

Offered care types at Sep 27, 2023:

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