Ev. Kindertagesstätte Regenbogen

für Kinder ab dem 2. Lebensjahr bis zur Einschulung

Ev. Kindertagesstätte Regenbogen
Spießgasse 25
64665 Alsbach-Hähnlein
Funding authority
GüT Ev. Dekanat Bergstraße
Auf der Mauer 5
64625 Bensheim
06257 / 4599 (Frau Geiß)
Opening times7:00 AM - 4:30 PM o'clock
Closing daysbis zu 28 Tage im Jahr
Extras care with lunch, full day care

Current information


In order to grow into our world, children need reliable relationships. They need the love and security of the family as well as freedom of experience for their own play and learning.

We would like to accompany your child part of the way, support them in their interests and offer a variety of learning areas!

Our groups:

Our facility has 3 kindergarten groups and 1 crèche group / nest group with the following offers:

  • the nest group offers up to 10 places for 2 year old children,
  • the mice group offers up to 25 places for 3-6 year old children,
  • the bear group offers up to 25 places for 3-6 year old children,
  • the hedgehog group offers up to 25 places for 3-6 year olds.  (This group also accepts children with developmental delays or impairments, in which case the group size is reduced to 20 places).


The staff currently employed to work with the children are:

one head teacher (social pedagogue),

11 state-certified nursery school teachers with different hourly quotas,

one of whom is the deputy head

and a curative teacher

and 2 trainees.

A kitchen worker provides the daily fresh lunch and takes care of the housekeeping tasks.

Three cleaners are responsible for the cleanliness of the rooms.

Religion in the day care centre:

As a denominational institution, we see a special mission in religious education.

In an atmosphere of trust, the children can develop according to their needs and abilities. Religious education is an integral part of our daily interaction.

We welcome families of all cultures and faiths.


"It is normal to be different"

makes our attitude towards children with developmental delays or impairments clear.

It has been shown that the joint care of children with and without impairments is a benefit, both for the families and for the institution, and not least for all the children in the day care centre. They experience relationships with each other in everyday life with all the differences that exist in real life. They learn to live with the fact that it is normal to be different.

We support individual integration measures and are convinced that inclusion in the day care centre offers everyone - children, teachers and parents - a chance to learn from each other and with each other.


Kita App

Since summer 2023, our facility has been working with the StayInformed Kita App to quickly pass on news, appointments and important information to all parents.

  •     They receive important information and appointments from the facility directly on their smartphone.
  •     You can fill out digital feedback slips directly on your smartphone and send them back to us.  This eliminates the need for a list on the noticeboards and/or letters to parents with reply slips.
  •     You can easily transfer appointments that we send you to your personal smartphone calendar.
  •     You can report your child absent via the app. There is no need for a phone call or email anymore.
  •     The app is DSGVO-compliant, ad-free and free of charge for the users
  •     Your messages and data are not visible to other users, unlike other popular chat programmes.
  •     Your data will not be commercially exploited, sold or passed on to unauthorised third parties.

Daily Schedule



In addition to breakfast at home, we offer the children a healthy, rich breakfast buffet every day with fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, muesli, cheese and sausage sandwiches, nuts, sultanas and more.

Water and tea are available as drinks.


Lunch is prepared fresh daily by our cook.

There is a starter, main course and dessert. The ingredients are mainly locally grown and the meals are based on wholefood cuisine.

Food intolerances and religious dietary requirements are taken into account and appropriate alternatives are offered.

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We see our day care centre as an educational institution.                                                                                          

Our task is the care, education and upbringing of the children entrusted to us.

Our pedagogical work places the child, who is intended by God, with his or her age-appropriate needs, dreams, interests and visions, at the centre of our everyday pedagogical work.

A guiding principle of our pedagogical work is:

"Help me to do it myself".

The aim of our pedagogical work is to promote the children's overall personality and the development of their mental, emotional and physical development in dialogue with their parents.

We offer the children security, trusting relationships and a stimulating environment so that they can discover the world on their own initiative and with their individual abilities.

We treat them with openness and appreciation and support them in finding answers to their questions.

In our facility, we are committed to justice, non-violence, consideration, tolerance and sustainability.

For us, this means

    taking the rights and concerns of the children seriously
    Enabling experiences with all senses
    Showing consideration for others
    Supporting others
    to resolve conflicts without violence
    To learn about, experience and protect nature and its creatures in different ways.
    to use resources sustainably
    to create a secure and appreciative environment

Quality Assurance

With the introduction of a quality development procedure for day care centres, the Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau is making a recognisable contribution to the qualitative anchoring of education, upbringing and care for children in Protestant day care centres. It sees it as its responsibility to provide space for religious questions in this context and to integrate Christian traditions into everyday life.
Quality development and assurance is helpful in coping with the many challenges that public institutions for children have to face:
- Paying attention to societal changes and the impact on children.
- Day care centres are oriented towards the changing needs of the caregivers.
- Implementation of qualitative, value- and resource-oriented educational work.
This quality development procedure of the EKHN creates the prerequisite to make good work visible, to regularly take a look at it and to develop it further. Quality development is therefore an ongoing process.
Furthermore, we are guided by
- The Hessian Education and Upbringing Plan
- The Good Childcare Act
- The protection order (§S8a)
- The Child Development Act (KiföG)
Every year, the staff members of the day care centre receive further training in the form of team training, and individual training sessions are also held on a regular basis.


Child day care centres as part of the public institution work together with many other institutions. This is to serve the well-being of the children and parents. Institutions with which we cooperate are:
- Hähnlein Primary School
- day care centres in the community of Alsbach-Hähnlein
- various early intervention centres
- Wichernschule, Dahrsbergschule, etc.
- Speech therapy school Griesheim
- Pre-school Bickenbach
- Educational counselling centre Pfungstadt
- Speech therapists & occupational therapists (in agreement with the parents)
- Youth Welfare Office
- Social welfare offices
- Community of Alsbach-Hähnlein
- Parish of Alsbach-Hähnlein
- Specialist counselling of the EKHN
- Technical schools for social pedagogy
In addition, we maintain contacts with various local associations such as the
the DRK, the fire brigade, SKV Hähnlein, HKV, Lernort Natur, Verein Mädde drin...
We regularly present our work in the "Kirchengockel".

Teamwork with parents

The cooperation with you as parents is of great importance to us, because education and upbringing begin in the family and only later do we come in as a nursery, kindergarten and primary school.

Parents are educational partners. We build our educational work on the basis of the educational partnership with you.

We would like to build a trusting cooperation with you on the basis of mutual recognition.


  •     the opportunity to visit our facility
  •     initial interviews
  •     the familiarisation concept
  •     development discussions
  •     exchange of experiences
  •     Parents' evenings
  •     Family afternoons
  •     Festivals & celebrations
  •     Church services
  •     Participation in the parents' council and day care committee

You are invited to get to know the work of our Ev. Kita Regenbogen and to help shape it.

                                       Parents  want  the  best  for  their  child ... So  do  we!

                                                            Let's  do  it  together!


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Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 27/06/2023 13:20:15)



Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 27/06/2023 13:20:15)

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