Kita "Im Schulhaus"

Kita "Im Schulhaus"
Rötenbacher Straße 123
72275 Alpirsbach
Funding authority
Stadt Alpirsbach
Marktplatz 2
72275 Alpirsbach
074444671 (Frau Müller)
Opening times7:00 AM - 4:30 PM o'clock
Closing daysca. 26
Specially educational concept daily routine language education, open concept, open work, Situation orientated approach
Extras care with lunch, full day care, language education


The house for children...

... because without children there would be "nothing" going on here !

Opening hours:

Extended opening hours daily from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Full day care: Mondays to Thursdays 7:00 am to 4:30 pm.

We have 50 places for children from 3 to 6 years.

Kindergarten management: Sabine Müller

Our kindergarten includes many lively, happy children with their families! These parents contribute in a wonderful and very committed way, which serves the well-being of the children and the whole institution. And of course we, the staff, can also benefit from this:

S. Müller: Educator, Specialist for Organization and Leadership, Social Work, General Management
C. Doll: Educator, group leader
F. Lamparter: Educator
I. Kilguß: Educator, language support worker
M. Fuhrmann: Educator
A. Reutter: Nursery nurse
E. Heizmann: Educator


You want the best for your child?
We do too!

With respect and consideration, we try to accompany each individual child on a daily basis, taking into account their wishes and needs, their individual stage of development.

At the same time we see ourselves as advocates for the children, i.e. in the world of adults we stand up for their rights and needs.

As a team, we continually discuss what the children in our daycare need; dealing with each other in a spirit of partnership and openness, both internally and externally, are prerequisites for this.

We try to make our work as transparent as possible for you. In addition to personal discussions, you will also have the opportunity to observe our work.
There is so much more to tell... so make an appointment with us and come by! We look forward to meeting your child and you!

Until then friendly greetings

Your team from the municipal day care center Rötenbach "Im Schulhaus".

Your team from the daycare center Rötenbach "Im Schulhaus".

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Offered care types at May 30, 2023:

Kind of carecount places
50 Places


Conceptual guidelines

Our image of the child

Every child is unique and comes into the world with an irrepressible will to live and learn and a great curiosity. From birth, the child is an active and creative creator of its own development and its relationship to the environment. The child experiences the world with all its senses and the whole body and expresses itself with it. Learning means "to grasp" and "to experience". Playing is learning - learning is playing!

Each child goes its own way based on its individual prerequisites and experiences and has its own pace to take its steps.

Our attitude

With respect and consideration we try to accompany each individual child on a daily basis. In doing so, we respond to their wishes and needs and their individual stage of development. Our focus in observing the child is on his or her own abilities and strengths. We work on finding and recognizing these.

We know that a child needs nourishment for the body, the soul and the spirit. It needs love. It needs esteem, respect and appreciation for its person and its wishes. It needs people who love it and who help it. This gives it a secure basis and we offer this. It needs space and time and our protection so that it can take its steps.

It needs other children and us adults as companions. Rhythms, rituals and rules give them security and orientation.

This enables them to appreciate themselves. It knows: "I am a lovable person, I am okay the way I am. I am respectful to myself and to others."

Then the child can feel that he can make a difference himself: "I can do something, I dare, I can influence and change situations, I can find ways to solve problems, I can control myself".

The most important principle for us is to be real, authentic. We work on this every day. Every person, big or small, is okay the way they are. No one is perfect and that's a good thing. All feelings are allowed, but not all actions. Every person should get a new chance every day. And it is nice when we employees also get this chance from the children and you, the parents.

So we are there for the children, to cry, laugh, comfort, paint, talk, play, listen, tell stories, discover and much more.

Our approach to work

Our approach to work results from our attitude, therefore we work with a so-called open, situation-oriented planning. I.e.: Festivals and seasonal themes play a subordinate role.

We do not plan exclusively for the children, but this happens in a jointly supported interplay of reflection, action, trying things out, communicating, exploring among all participants; and above all, taking into account what is happening in our environment and our surroundings. Children do not need planning from the top down, but rather support for their own creative desires.

If we succeed in this, children are motivated by themselves (intrinsically). This kind of motivation lays the foundation for the most sustainable learning.

The topics we work on with children arise from

  • the needs or wishes of the individual child or a small group
  • the importance for the whole group

Open planning gives the children's play a great deal of freedom and does not separate play from learning. Ultimately, it means understanding our daycare center as a "living space for children" that takes into account the individual experiences and adventures of each child and thus ensures equal opportunities and participation for all.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 25/05/2022 10:01:39)
Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 25/05/2022 10:01:39)

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