Gemeindekindergarten Spatzennest

Gemeindekindergarten Spatzennest
Kienberger Str. 1
85391 Allershausen
Funding authority
Gemeinde Allershausen
Johannes-Boos-Platz 6
85391 Allershausen
Opening times7:00 AM - 4:00 PM o'clock
Closing days25-27
Specially educational concept inclusion, partially open concept
Extras Integrative facility, care with lunch, ergotherapy, family counseling, flexible care, for children with special educational needs, full day care, language education

Current information


The Spatzennest is located in the heart of Allershausen. It is quietly and idyllically situated next to the Volksfestplatz, between the Glonn and the Mühlbach, surrounded by meadows and fields. Since 1992, children from the age of 3 until they start school have been attending the facility. Since September 2021, the Spatzennes houses 6 groups with approximately 134 children and staff. They find various additional rooms in the building and the children use the extensive garden area every day.



In our numerous, stimulatingly designed rooms, the children find various play and activity opportunities. Three rooms are equipped with play galleries. These rooms are the children's preferred place to play and stay in their home groups.

Lunch is served in the kitchen and in the groups together with the children.

Intensive rooms

An intensive room is available for each group. These rooms are used for small group work, science experiments, pre-school German lessons or activities with the pre-school children.

Creative and work room

Here music, relaxation, painting, handicrafts and other activities take place.


Each group uses the movement room on a fixed day for running games, movement building or psychomotoric movement units. Early musical education, conducted by a trained teacher from the Ampertal Music School, takes place here as an additional offer for all pre-school children. In addition, parents have the opportunity to register their child for a dance programme offered by an external provider on Monday afternoons.

Outdoor Facilities


In our large, shady garden you will find:
Various swings, climbing frame, adventure castle with slide, playhouse, seesaw animals, ground trampoline, seesaw, football pitch, sand play boxes, mud area with water pump, two large wooden trains, gymnastics bars, blackboard, hill with integrated tunnel, herb spiral, vegetable patch, bed with currant bushes and raspberry bushes, vehicle shed with new vehicles, sand playhouse, large terrace with seating area.

Daily Schedule

You can find out the current daily schedule in your group. The daily routine is similar in all groups and is individually adapted to the needs of the children:

  •     7:00 - 8:00 a.m.

      The Spatzennest opens. Early service in the group

  •     At 8:00 a.m.

    All other groups open

  •     Until 8:30 a.m.

    Start of the pedagogical core time in the groups
    Even the late risers should be in the kindergarten by 8:30 a.m. at the latest, otherwise it may happen that the entrance   door cannot be opened until after the morning circle.

  •     8:30 a.m.

    Morning circle

  •     9:00 - 12:00

    Snack time
    Time for free play
    Specific activities
    Garden time

  •     12:00 - 13:00

    Lunch (You can register your child for a warm lunch).

  •     13:00 - 14:00

    Time for nap or quiet activities in the groups   

  •     14:00 - 15:00

    Free play
    Garden time

  •     15:00 - 16:00

Start of the late service
Gathering of all children in the assembly groups. Please note that you should already be in the house 10 minutes before the end of your booking so that you can pick up your child on time (this applies to all pick-up time).   

  •     16:00 hrs

    The Spatzennest closes!


Lunch for some of the children takes place in the large kitchen and also in the groups and is freshly prepared every day by our kitchen team. All other children eat lunch in their group. You can find out everything "All about food in the Spatzennest" in our catering concept.

Buffets for parties and celebrations are set up in the kitchen.

During visiting times with fewer children (school holidays), lunch in the Spatzennest is partly prepared together with the children.

The price for lunch is € 4.

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Offered care types at May 31, 2023:

Kind of care
 Kindergarten mit Mittagessen
 Kindergarten ohne Mittagessen


"Childhood = Adventure Time"

"Full of the joys of life, we conquer the world together with all our senses."

This is our mission statement and our pedagogical orientation. We implement this with love and commitment. It is especially important to us to accept each child with his or her personality in an appreciative way. We are allowed to accompany, strengthen, encourage and guide your child on a part of its life journey. This is based on mutual give and take and a trusting educational partnership with the parents. We discover the diversity of life and learning with fun and joy.

We have been an inclusive kindergarten since 2021, opening up (in projects, times for visits to other groups, mixing of children in the garden, gathering group in the mornings and late afternoons, ...) both internally and externally (fixed visiting times at the senior citizens' home, presence at community festivals, excursions to the surrounding area - playgrounds, church ...).

All this happens with a certain degree of freedom, co-determination and warmth of heart. With play, fun and adventure and enough time to be happy.

In this way, defeats, mistakes or conflicts are not another problem, but a step that we will take together on the stairs of life by trying to find solutions on our own.


The Spatzennest team consists of Marion Ellenbrock, the kindergarten management and the qualified staff in the core groups. You are welcome to get to know us personally at the open day.


We employ educators and nursery nurses and offer a wide range of training opportunities in the Spatzennest so that our children can also rely on good staff in the future.

Additional Offerings

You will find various additional offers with us:

  •     Pre-course German for all children with a migration background or language difficulties.
  •     Early musical education for all preschool children
  •     Kids Pro is organised by the parents' council
  •     Dancing with the motionmakers, voluntary, fee required
  •     Kindergarten places for children with special needs and additional support from the specialist services
  •     Animal-assisted pedagogy project in the bear group

Quality Assurance

We see ourselves as a learning organisation:

  •     Participation in regular individual and team trainings.
  •     Participation in qualifying further training measures, e.g. specialist for day care centres, assistant model for child care, ...
  •     Implementation of projects with various partners, e.g. health project, nutrition project, day care centre catering coaching, ...
  •     Regular team and group meetings
  •     Involving the parents' council in the planning and implementation of projects, e.g. planning an excursion, organising festivities, ...
  •     Complaint management for parents and children
  •     Annual parent survey


An integral part of living together in the Spatzennest is using, building and expanding networks with the most diverse institutions.

  •     We always visit craft workshops, playgrounds and schools in Allershausen.
  •     Early intervention centre in Neufahrn
  •     Special educational support centres
  •     School preparation centre in Pulling
  •     Mobile special educational help (MSH) for clarification of support measures
  •     Social paediatric centres (SPZ)
  •     Paediatricians
  •     Occupational therapists
  •     Learning practice in Allershausen
  •     Speech therapists in Allershausen
  •     Family counselling once a week for all parents in the house by the Caritas Counselling Centre for Parents, Children and Adolescents
  •     Music school Ampertal, instrumental course and early musical education
  •     Inclusion working group
  •     Working group childcare Allershausen

Teamwork with school

There are cooperation officers for nursery school teachers and teachers who regularly exchange information about the planned activities and parent information events for the transition from nursery school to school.

Teamwork with parents

Educational partnership

Every year (beginning of October), a new Parents' Council is elected. We treat parents and their family culture with respect and make this clear. We see the coming together of many nartions as enrichment and as one of our most valuable resources. It is very important for us to exchange ideas and you have various opportunities to speak and act with us. Your views and opinions are of interest to us. We are therefore always looking forward to the evaluation of the annual parent questionnaire.


"Being different is normal. The difference of all people is not a problem to be solved, but normality. The system is adapted to this normality and not vice versa.

    Everyone who enters the Sparrow's Nest should feel welcome.
    It is normal to be different.

  • Children are unprejudiced and accept other people as they are. They realise that some children are different, but just as lovable. The children learn that it is important to support each other, e.g. an already experienced child helps a new child, the older ones help the younger ones, ...
  • In our Spatzennest there are also often children with special abilities and gifts. Examples are: ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome, ADS stands for Attention Deficit Syndrome (without hyperactivity), HSP stands for Highly Sensitive Person, various forms of giftedness, ..... At this point we would also like to mention left-handedness.
  •  We work in increased team cooperation and with a wide network of different disciplines.
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Information on a wide range of events can be found on our homepage.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 26/11/2022 21:16:23)

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