Wald Kindergarten

3 - 6

Wald Kindergarten
Rathausplatz 8
78476 Allensbach
Funding authority
Gemeinde Allensbach
Rathausplatz 8
78476 Allensbach
015118480465 (Waldkindergartenteam)
Opening times7:30 AM - 2:00 PM o'clock
Closing days30
Foreign languages German
Specially educational concept nature education
Extras Child care with special focus on environmental education

Current information

The forest kindergarten enables the children to experience the weather, animals, plants, the course of the day and the seasons. These experiences deepen the children's relationship with nature. In nature, the children have the opportunity to make a variety of sensory impressions and experiences and to live out their urge to move. Natural materials stimulate the children's imagination and self-efficacy. A branch can be many things, a walking stick, a part of a forest sofa or a hobby horse. This stimulates not only the children's imagination but also their language, as they have to tell each other what the branch is in this case.

Even before nature, the individual children are in the foreground of the pedagogy.

In free play time, but also in activities, projects, morning and closing circles, skills, knowledge and social competences are playfully taught.

Offered care types at Apr 20, 2024:

Kind of care
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