Kinderhaus St. Nikolaus

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Kinderhaus St. Nikolaus
Kirchgasse 4
78476 Allensbach
Funding authority
Kath. Kirschengemeinde Wollmatingen- Allensbach
Radolfzellerstr. 42
78467 Konstanz
Opening times7:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
Closing days31
Specially educational concept daily routine language education, inclusion, partially open concept, Science/Project methods, Situation approach
Extras family counseling, full day care, language education

Current information


We have a lot to offer:

  • We are a language daycare center "because language is the key to the world" and therefore place great value on language education integrated into everyday life, inclusive pedagogy and intensive cooperation with families
  • The educational partnership with the families as well as the networking of the parents among each other is very important to us, which is why we occasionally hold parent cafés, parent events and also information events = further development into a family center.
  • Partially open concept with intensive group pedagogy with opening to other specialized and intensive rooms as well as cross-group projects / offers.
  • BEKI-certified children's house, i.e. we attach great importance to conscious child nutrition and movement and have this focus in our concept and the pedagogical everyday life.
  •  A large outdoor area and our own gymnasium offer a wide range of opportunities for movement.
  • Through the funding of the Ba-WÜ Foundation "Gartenland in Kinderhand" we cultivate various raised beds and plant beds.
  • We are participants in the school fruit program and receive additional fruit and vegetables for the children through sponsorship by the Gemüsekiste Reichenau.
  • Further information about our children's house can be found on our homepage:
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