Kindergarten Sonnenau

Kindergarten Sonnenau
Kindergartenweg 9
88480 Achstetten
Funding authority
Gemeinde Achstetten
Laupheimer Straße 6
88480 Achstetten
Opening times7:00 AM - 4:00 PM o'clock
Closing days30 im Jahr
Extras full day care

Current information


Our Sonnenau kindergarten was built in 2013 and is a two-group kindergarten with various forms of childcare. (RG/VÖ/GT) 

We look after children from the age of 2 until they start school. 

Our day-to-day kindergarten life is characterized by a partially open concept, whereby all children are looked after by their caregivers in their respective home group. In addition, the children can form further friendships and gain experience in the shared functional rooms every day. This takes place in particular in the workroom and the exercise room.

Outdoor Facilities

Our kindergarten is characterized by the large outdoor play area close to nature. In summer, the children love to play at the mud table with the water pump. There is always something to discover in our garden, in spring the blossoming apple tree and chestnut tree, in summer the ripe berries and in fall the chestnuts, hazelnuts and apples are collected.



The children's lunch (VÖ/GT) is usually supplied by GastroMenü. 

During harvest week, the children cook lunch with us. At a children's conference in the facility, the children decide which dishes will be cooked together. 

Breakfast - every day we have breakfast together in the children's restaurant. Our facility receives fresh fruit and milk every week through a nationwide cooperation. We cut up the fruit fresh for our children every day. We use the milk supplied for our weekly muesli day. We are actively supported by parents with fresh fruit on muesli days.

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Offered care types at Apr 18, 2024:

Kind of care
 Altersgemische Regelgruppe ab 2 Jahren bis Schuleintritt
 Altersgemische Regelgruppe ab 3 Jahren bis Schuleintritt
 Kindergarten Ganztagesbetreuung
 Kindergarten verlängerte Öffnungszeiten


Our image of the child - we see every child as an independent explorer and researcher. We support and encourage their individual development and accompany them on their way through kindergarten. 

We are aware of the children's needs and provide targeted pedagogical impulses to support them in their development. Open and empathetic interaction is important to us.

Additional Offerings

SBS - Singing, Moving, Speaking 

A member of staff from the Ruf music school visits us every week. Here the children have the opportunity to expand their language skills through singing and movement.

Teamwork with school

We work together with a teacher from Achstetten elementary school. She visits our preschool children several times at the facility. In return, our preschool children also visit the elementary school.

Teamwork with parents

Regular work with parents is very important to us, whether through joint activities, door-to-door talks, development discussions and seasonal celebrations. Parents can contact us at any time if they have any questions.


At the Sonnenau kindergarten, we place great importance on our children discovering and experiencing the world for themselves. The children can do this in particular on Nature Day and Bread Day. 

Nature Day - the children spend this day in nature, for example at the bee hotel, on the playgrounds in the community and by visiting local farms. 

Bread roll day - on this day, the children experience the process from the grain to the finished bread roll through their own actions. 

We carry out these activities with our children on a weekly basis.

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You can find the admission criteria for the municipal daycare facilities in Achstetten on the municipality's homepage.

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Description and Stations

Our kindergarten is located on the outskirts of Achstetten near the sports facilities and the Achstetten primary school. 

Parking is available at the lower parking lot of the elementary school.

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