Kita Abenteuerland

12 Monate bis 3 Jahre, 3 bis 6 Jahre

Kita Abenteuerland
Weilerstraße 10
73434 Aalen
Funding authority
DRK Kreisverband Aalen e. V.
Bischof-Fischer-Straße 119-121
73430 Aalen
07361 3879300 (Marion Becker)
Opening times7:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
late care4:30 PM - 5:00 PM o'clock
Closing days26
Foreign languages German, English
Specially educational concept daily routine language education, infans, intercultural education, open concept, open work
Extras care with lunch, full day care


General information about the Kita Abenteuerland:

The Kita Centre moved into a new building at Weilerstraße near the entrance at Hofherrnweiler in autumn 2021.

Due to the move the KiTa will expand to include another full-day group. That means there will be two full-day groups and one group with extended opening hours in the kindergarten area available in autumn 2021. For children in the age of 0-3 there will be a group with ten places available.



Conception of the Kita Abenteuerland:

As a DRK Day care Centre for children, our goal and mission are to accompany and support the development of children so that they grow up to be independent and socially responsible individuals. In this we see ourselves as partners of parents and families. One of our special concerns is the support and advancement of children and families. We understand and live our mission as a day care centre based on the DRK principles. Our pedagogical work aims to strengthen the child in the development of his or her gifts and thus in the development of his or her personality. For our everyday life in the kindergarten, this means that we exemplify values such as charity, trust, responsibility, solidarity, consideration, acceptance, and tolerance to the children and put them into practice with them. From this perspective, it is self-evident for us that children have rights. We provide an atmosphere open to dialogue and are very attentive and open to the children’s concerns, wishes, needs and feelings.

In the KiTa Abenteuerland our work is done openly, according to the Infans concept. Our aim is to use the children’s interest in individual areas to be able to achieve important learning goals in a playful way. An intensive observation of the children is a very important part in it. The different areas of education support the children in their personal competences and strengths, which they need to cope with life. The educational areas of our KiTa, in which the development of the children is to be promoted, include all dimensions of child development: language, natural sciences, mathematics, technology, aesthetic education (art, handicrafts, music), nature experiences (forest), media education, movement, health, nutrition.

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