Inklusive Kindertagesstätte Rosengarten

Inklusive Kindertagesstätte Rosengarten
Schloßstraße 29
73433 Aalen
Funding authority
Reha-Südwest Ostwürttemberg-Hohenlohe gGmbH
Schulstraße 7
73499 Wört
Opening times8:00 AM - 3:00 PM o'clock


Inclusive Daycare Center Rosengarten

Associated to the concept of integration and the joint target of inclusion it is our task, to implement the educational needs of all children in a process, that is encouraging for development. That´s why there is no difference between children with and without handicap for our educational task. Beside the school kindergarten groups, a general kindergarten group for children without handicap in the form of two inclusion groups is run.

We also can accommodate up to 5 children in crèche age here. Everyday life should be fun to “our” children. They should be able to learn, make friends and live out their sorrows and hardships, joys and annoyances. Thereby their individual special pedagogic, custodial or therapeutic needs, as well as their medical demands are fulfilled by our specially trained specialists.  

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