Form of care
You can register your child for a place in a kindergarten or crèche via the parent portal. If you prefer child day care (care by a childminder or in a large day care center) please contact the Kindertagespflegebüro of Lohne (Neuer Markt 2, 49393 Lohne - Tel. 04442/ 886-5111). If you are looking for a place for after-school care, please contact the Familienbüro in the town hall of Lohne (Vogtstraße 26, 49393 Lohne - Tel. 04442/ 886-5101) for further information.
How many inquiries per child are possible?
You can submit a maximum of 2 active inquiries at the same time. If you receive a rejection, you can make a new inquiry to another institution. It is recommended to assign a priority to each request (Priority 1 = desired kindergarten/crèche, Priority 2 = second wish).
When can the child be registered?
12 months before the desired start of care. Only children already born can be registered.
When do parents receive a child care offer?
At the earliest 7 months before the desired start of care.

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