LITTLE BIRD in Eggermühlen
Little Bird in Samtgemeinde Bersenbrück
You can use Little Bird to register and make requests for childcare. The following towns are part of the Samtgemeinde: Alfhausen, Ankum, Bersenbrück, Eggermühlen, Gehrde, Kettenkamp and Rieste.
Private childcare providers
Please contact the Familienservicebüro by phone: 05439- 962 156 if You are interested in a private childcare provider.
When can I register my child?
After birth, 12 months before the desired start.
How many requests per child are possible?
You can make up to 5 requests at the same time (if You are denied you can make a new one). You can set priorities, You should mark Your favored place with priority 1.
The Kindertagesstätte "Am Kattenboll" offers a new group called "Waldkindergarten" (children spend the time in the forest) for all interested children in the Samtgemeinde Bersenbrück.

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