Städt. Kindertageseinrichtung Rübkamp

Kinder ab drei Monaten bis zur Einschulung ________________________________________________ Denken Sie bitte daran, bei ihrer Betreuungsanfrage immer E-Mail und Telefonnummer anzugeben ________________________________________________ Bitte geben Sie uns zusätzlich im Feld „Bemerkungen“ einen Hinweis, ob Ihr Kind bereits einer Frühförderstelle bzw. dem Sozialpädiatrischen Zentrum (SPZ) vorgestellt wurde

Städt. Kindertageseinrichtung Rübkamp
Rübkamp und Zur Grube Versöhnung 6
53842 Troisdorf- Altenrath
Funding authority
Stadt Troisdorf
Kölner Str. 176
53840 Troisdorf
02246 9007386 (Marita Aßmann)
022462187 (Birgit Deurer)
Opening times7:30 AM - 4:30 PM o'clock
early care7:15 AM - 7:30 AM o'clock
Closing daysWir schließen jährlich an drei pädagogischen Planungstagen, zwei Wochen Sommerschliessung während der Schulferien, zwischen Weihnachten und Neujahr,
zum Betriebsausflug der gesamten Stadtverwaltung und ggf. an Brückentagen.
Die Einrichtungsleitung informiert die Eltern rechtzeitig per Aushang/ EMail über die jährlichen Schließtage.
Foreign languages English, Romanian
Specially educational concept daily routine language education, partially open concept, Science/Project methods, Situation orientated approach
Extras Parents center, care with lunch, family counseling, for children with special educational needs, scientific orientation (e.g. KidsgoMINT)

Current information

Description and Stations

You can get to Altenrath using the bus 506, starting in Troisdorf.

Parking: on the Sandhasen Platz in front of the Josef-Schumacher Halle.

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1. Introduction

In our family center we can accommodate 88 children aged 0.4 months -6 years, in the group form 1, 2 and 3 according to Children Education Act of the state of NRW.

You have the choice between 25, 35 and 45 hour supervision time.

The service times are set individually for each child, in agreement with the parents.

The children are sensitively supported and promoted in the “U3 Shooting Star Group”, the “Moon Group”, the “Rainbow Group” and the “Clouds Group”.

The family center offers you and your family a lot of possibilities in the field of family education, leisure activities, advice and support. We warmly welcome you here and have time for your concerns.



Feel at home and discover that there are things to discover - that is our concern in the design of our premises.

This way, we want to show our appreciations for all people who will enter our both houses.

Many rooms and the inclusion of the corridors allow numerous different games, working and research areas.

Our rooms are adapted and changed frequently to adopt for the needs and interests of the children. There are project areas, learning workshops and seasonal offers.

We want to protect children from overstimulation and ensure that materials and spaces are clearly designed. Our windows are usually free of decorations, so that the view outside is guaranteed.
A special opportunity lies in the opening of our house: The children find security in their home group and will try step by step to discover the whole house, even on another floor.
This way, they develop courage, self-confidence, sense of responsibility and can connect to all people of both houses, if they like.
Clarity and transparency are important to us, so that children get along and are oriented. In the morning, the entire house can be used: all playing areas and all niches in the vast corridors, as well as any other group – thus, there’s the possibility for many contacts. The children will always find new suggestions and ways to play.

The children always find ways to rest, to move, to socialize, to develop.
We attach great importance to possibilities for movement: in the corridors, the rooms and our gym, we enable the children to try new things, to relax, to develop themselves.
The children receive retreat.
Independent game without permanent supervision by an adult is allowed, building caves and demarcation in rooms are being supported.

Outdoor Facilities

Outside facilities

Our facility has two outdoor areas. On the playground in front of the house there are a playhouse and a sand play area with integrated slide available for the youngest children. On the large grounds, the older children will find versatile games and tools like timber, beams, planks and tires which allow the construction of a movement landscape. Furthermore, there are a water pump with integrated mud system, a climbing tower with rope bridge and extra wide slide, a carousel, climbing trees and many vehicles, which invite the children to play and move in all weather conditions.
The offer of the materials and other special offers, the children are encouraged to do research and experiments.

There are raised beds in the front yard. Each group will plant and care for them throughout the year. The parents are involved.

Furthermore, a project "Artists in the KiTas" of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia was implemented here. Feel free to look around!

Daily Schedule

Daily Routine
A stability of space and time gives children security and orientation. The children are supported in their positive development by regular daily routine and reliable rituals.
The elements of the daily schedule are:

  • Arrival phase
  • Breakfast
  • Free playing and offers
  • Individual offers
  • Meeting Circle
  • Free play outside
  • Pick-up phase
  • Lunch
  • A quiet period after lunch
  • Snack
  • Free playing and pick-up time

Especially for the children in the last year before starting school, there are certain weekly offers such as forest excursions, Gymnastics, project groups.


Nutrition is important!

That’s why we cook fresh, child-friendly and healthy (no pork) food in our center every day.
A balanced food schedule is posted every week.
Our chef considers allergies and food intolerances of the children.

We pay attention to a pleasant atmosphere and to developing a positive food culture.

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Most important in our house are - of course - the children.

Each individual, in its particularity, uniqueness.

Each one with

  • its own experiences, history and feelings
  • its own way of exploring the world, hearing, smelling, tasting
  • its own pace and level of development
  • its own needs for resting, exercising, supporting and own initiative, its need for being alone, opening up and withdrawal
  • its uniqueness of living, to discover the world and to learn
  • its own interests, passions, dreams, fears and worries


To consider all this and to accompany the child in appropriately – this is our way!


"Make yourself comfortable and discover that there is something to be discovered"- This is the motto of our house.

Each child can feel safe and accepted in our house.

Feeling good is the basis for the development and learning process.


The foundations of our philosophy are displayed in:

  • the attitude of the educator
  • the design of our house
  • the cooperation with parents
  • a personalized acclimatization



We work in a team of 14 educational team members.

Our daycare is run by a partially exempted Head.

Each group is supported by a full-time and several part-time employees.


In addition, our team is completed by a cook and a cleaner.

Additional Offerings

Additional offers

Researchers corners

Researchers days

Forest days for "Pfiffikusse" - preschool children from all three groups

Intercultural offers

Offers of the family center

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance

We reflect and improve our work in a permanent process.

For us, the feedback from the parents are very important.

Please approach us with any question, any doubt and any criticism! (We are happy about appreciation as well).

The pedagogical work is continuously carried out with recourse to the "National Criteria Card - NKK" evaluated.


We have collaborations with schools, other daycare centers, the youth welfare office, the social service, the local ring.
Daycare persons, TUS Altenrath, volunteers for refugee accommodation, family education centre of the German Red Cross (DRK), educational counseling of the city of Troisdorf.
Pediatricians, therapists and early intervention centers.

Teamwork with school

Cooperation with the school

The preparation for the school starts on the first day in our daycare and runs through the entire time day care and through our educational action.

The children are supposed to be strengthened in their personality to experience a positive transition to school. Our daycare prepares the children for this in projects and through regular co-operation with the neighboring primary schools.

Teamwork with parents

Working with parents

We understand the cooperation with parents as an educational partnership for the benefit of the child. In regularly scheduled parent meetings, we address the development of the child, which we store in the “portfolio” (a folder we also use to collect photos, paintings and learning stories) and in the educational documentation of the child.

We always have an open ear for the concerns of the parents and support you in quiet counseling situations. Of course, we are subject to confidentiality.

Please also tell us about little details that move your child, so we can better respond to it.

To us, mutual respect and openness are part of a trusting relationship as well.

To further improve the cooperation between parents, staff and institution, the parents' council is elected which is informed and consulted in important matters that concern the establishment.

Regular parent meetings inform about the work at the daycare center and educationally important issues.


Group form I (2-6 years)

4-6 two-year-old children per year

if there is no earmarking through investment funding.

In the case of an existing earmarking, the number of places funded must be adhered to siblings

social reasons Balanced group structure (distribution by age, gender, ratio of support needs to resources)

if possible, prioritization of the parents in Little Bird close to home

Group form II (0-3 years)

Balanced group structure: (as far as possible 2 places for children 0-1 year, 4 for children aged 1-2 years, 4 for children aged 2-3 years)

as well as gender

ratio of support needs to resources siblings social reasons if possible

prioritization of the parents in Little Bird close to home

Group form III

Balanced group structure:

special consideration of the age of the child,

distribution according to age, gender, r

elationship between need for support

and resources social reasons siblings If possible

prioritization of the parents in Little Bird close to home

Special consideration should be given to children no later than one year before they start school

35/ 45-hour care places

The places should be allocated according to need.

If the demand exceeds the available supply, the following criteria should apply:

The extent of both parents' work (or the planned return to work)

requires 45-hour care Parents are in training

Mediation takes place via the SD Special family burdens

If necessary, the working hours of the parents will be checked





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Current events are shown on the website of the city of Troisdorf:


To inform yourself about the many changing deals/projects of our family center/daycare, please refer to the local press, the website of the city of Troisdorf and bulletins.

Parental Interviews

Parent survey
As part of the family center, parents surveys are taking place every now and then. Topics are related to your satisfaction, needs and concerns, preferred venues and general questions about the family situation.
We strive to fulfill your wishes and concerns.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 07/03/2023 14:35:27)

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