LITTLE BIRD in Meßkirch
Wie viele Anfragen je Kind sind möglich?
A maximum of 3 requests are possible at the same time. If you receive a rejection, you can create another new request. With your request you are expressing your interest, i.e. a need for support is reported. This is not yet a confirmed place. If you have made a specific seat request via the system, you will receive written confirmation of receipt from us with information on how to proceed.
Ab wann darf eine Anfrage gestellt werden?
Earliest 36 months. Please at least 6 months before the desired start of care.
Ab wann erhalten Eltern das Platzangebot?
Places are allocated in March for the coming KiTa year, which begins in September of the same year and ends in August of the following year (rhythm like the school year). Short-term inquiries for the KiTa year that has already started, for example due to moving to Meßkirch, will be clarified soon.

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