LITTLE BIRD in Dingolfing
In how many kindergarden can I register my child?
You can register your child for maximum three kindergarden via this portal in the same time and prioritise them. If you get a negative response from each oft them, you can register your child in the remaining oner.
When can I register my child?
You can register your child 12 months before the child-care starts.
When will I will get a child-care-offer?
Information about this will be sent after the easter-holiday.
Registrations for the kindergarden St. Johannes, St. Elisabeth und St. Maria are not possible via this portal. Please note the information for the registrations in these kindergarden: Day: Monday, 05.01.2024 Time: 08:00 - 12:00 13:30 – 16:00 Location: Pfarrheim St. Johannes (Kirchgasse 14, 84130 Dingolfing) Registrations are not acepted in the city-hall and in the kindergarden!

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