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How many requests per child are possible:
Maximum of 3 active requests at the same time (if you receive rejections, you can log in again).
When can I register my child?
From birth at the earliest 20 months before the desired start of care.
When will I receive an offer of space:
For daycare places, at the earliest 6 months before the desired start of care. The kindergarten places are allocated in sections: every May, all parents whose children turn three years old between September of the current year and February of the new year receive a confirmation. For children who turn three between March and June of the new year, places will not be allocated until autumn/winter. Children who turn three in July or August are usually not admitted until September. A final confirmation is made in the spring of the kindergarten year in which the child turns three.
Employment certificates:
To register for the daycare center (1-3 years) and for full-day places in the kindergarten area (from 3 years), you must submit proof of employment for all persons with legal custody.

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