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When can I register my child und how many requests per child are possible?
You may register your child from birth up to 36 months before the desired start of childcare.Up to 3 requests at the same time. If you receive cancellations, you can make new requests.
How does a change within a type of care take place? e.g. kindergarten – kindergarten
Please submit a new request and indicate this as a change request. A maximum of one request can be active as a change request.
How do I change the type of care? e.g. day care – kindergarten
For this purpose, you can submit a new request for the desired institution. A maximum of 3 parallel requests are possible.
Registration for the after-school care
The registration should take place in the parents' portal no later than 6 months before the start of care. Please only register for the after-school care at the school your child will attend. Binding confirmations will only be given upon receipt of the school admission notification.

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