Article of Aug 6, 2017

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Article of Aug 1, 2017

Going Live Wetzlar!

Wetzlar has started!

Good news for parents in Wetzlar: LITTLE BIRD is now available in your city! From now on you have the option of using the parent’s portal to rummage for child care centers. Thanks to LITTLE BIRD you can not only browse for suitable child care places but also raise a request from the comfort of your home – without having to fill out any forms at all!

We wish you good luck!

Article of Jul 13, 2017

LITTLE BIRD can help

Shortage of child care facilities in Germany – LITTLE BIRD can help

Germany does not have enough child care facilities. Now the government has decided to invest. With its software and parents portal LITTLE BIRD can contribute to solving the problem.

The government responds to severe shortage
Municipalities in Germany face a big task: there is a shortage of 300,000 child care places. Even though rural districts, cities and communities make an effort to find a slot for every child, many families are still left out in the cold. Kindergarten teachers and daycare providers report that for every open spot they get about 100 enquiries. Parents show up at their doors on a daily basis desperately asking them to take in their child. But now there is hope: the government is planning to invest 1,1 billion Euro which would create about 100,000 new child care places.

Little Bird offers a solution
LITTLE BIRD can help, too! By using the system municipalities know exactly where and at which time child care places are missing. Therefore they can plan ahead and amend where it is needed. The parents benefit from using LITTLE BIRD software and portal as well. Non-transparent allocation processes, long waiting lists and running from one facility to another are a thing of the past now.


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