Article of Feb 10, 2023

Notes: Requests for follow-up support and switch requests

Notes for follow-up care
Perhaps you need a follow-up care because your child currently only has a care contract that only runs until the age of 3, for example. Please pay close attention to the start date of the new childcare. The start date of the new request must not overlap with the end date of the current childcare contract, otherwise your child will be considered to be in care for this period and the request will be blocked. The end of the current childcare contract can be viewed in the portal account under the menu item Child care (provided you have agreed to the data import under My Profile > Change Personal Data). If you would still like to specify an overlapping care period for the follow-up care, please be sure to use the feature "Change request" (see below).

Notes on the change request
If your child already has a place in a childcare facility, and you would like to change childcare within the contract period, it is mandatory to mark requests as a change request. This applies to a change to another childcare provider or, for example, to an overlapping change from nursery to kindergarten.  If the change request is missing, your child is considered to be cared for at that time. Your request is then automatically blocked and cannot receive a place offer.
Please therefore regularly check the status of your childcare requests in the menu Child care. If the status is "blocked", your child is not actively on the waiting list and cannot be considered for the allocation of places. If you are unsure, please contact the administration of your municipality. 

How can I enter my wish to change?
You will be asked to indicate your wish to change before you enter your childcare details. Select "yes" if there is a contract for your child at the desired start date. In many municipalities, you can also enter your wish to switch subsequently by clicking on the pencil icon in the menu item Child care of the portal account (if necessary, you must first activate the consent to data import under My Profile > Change Personal Data). If you do not find a pencil icon, the request can only be changed via the administration of your municipality or the care providers. We recommend that you contact the municipal staff.

Article of Jan 13, 2023

Current allocation phase for childcare places

Most municipalities are currently allocating childcare places for the coming kindergarten year. As the childcare requests are processed directly by the childcare providers or the municipalities, the processing may take varying amounts of time. Please be patient. In urgent cases, we recommend that you contact the childcare provider or the youth welfare office directly.

Once a care provider has processed your request, you will receive an email or letter. You will then either receive a time-limited place reservation, which you must confirm either via the link in the email, by telephone, by reply to the letter or in your personal account*, or a rejection with an appropriate reason (e.g. no free capacities).

You can find more general information on the allocation of places here.

Article of Jan 6, 2023

Status of care requests

You can track the status of your care requests in your portal account under the menu item Care.

Possible statuses:

  • transferred = The care request has been successfully transferred to the care provider and will be checked and put on the waiting list.
  • active = The care request has been transferred to the waiting list of the care provider.
  • rejected = The care request was rejected by the care provider due to lack of capacity.
  • deactivated = The care request was not accepted by the provider.
  • contract = A contract was created from the care request.
  • blocked = The care request is blocked due to a place offer or care contract of another care provider.
  • canceled= You or the care provider canceled the care request because there is no longer a need. The request will therefore no longer be considered.
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