Article of Jul 15, 2022

What do priorities mean?

What does the "Priority" field in the childcare request mean?
If you request childcare places from several childcare providers in parallel, you can specify priorities. Specifying priority "1" means that this care provider is your favorite.

Important to know:
1. each municipality decides individually whether priorities must or can be assigned and whether these have a direct impact on the award process.
2. each municipality decides individually whether priorities can be changed again subsequently.

Article of Jun 17, 2022

FAQs for the parent portal

Answers to frequently asked questions in our Parents' Guide

Do you have general questions about your account, the allocation of places with LITTLE Bird or how to change childcare requests? Perhaps our FAQs can help you.

Article of May 24, 2022

Note: Emails from the Daycares

We would like to inform you that the LITTLE BIRD IT team has rolled out a correction regarding missing messages in week 20 and 21.

This correction run may result in notifications being sent that relate to transactions that took place a long time ago (in some cases 2020, e.g. confirmation of a new prereservation). The background to this is that the system checks all processes again for correct message dispatch and makes up for this if necessary. However, these are only notifications - the respective care has usually already been processed.

You can find an overview of the status of your requests in your account under "Child care".

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the following link:

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