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How many enquiries per child are possible?
You can submit a maximum of 3 active inquiries at the same time. If you receive a rejection, you can make a new inquiry for another facility. However, it makes more sense to send several inquiries at the same time and to define priorities for them.
What is the meaning of priorities?
If you make several inquiries, you can assign priorities to them. Your desired facility is assigned priority 1. You can then label the other facilities with priority 2 and 3.
Until when do I have to register my child?
Registration for the coming kindergarten year (from August) should be made by 30 September of the previous year at the latest. If a registration is received after this date, this does not mean that you will not receive a space for the following year. However, it may happen that all places in your desired facilities are taken.
When will I receive a slot?
Spaces for kindergartens will be assigned until 31 October. Spaces for creche will be allocated until 30 November. The assignment of spaces in the student day care is made at various times. Please contact the relevant student day care facility.

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