Haus für Kinder Scheefenkamp

Das Haus für Kinder Scheefenkamp begleitet Kinder im Alter zwischen 3 und 6 Jahren beim Groß werden. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HINWEIS: Anmeldungen für das Kindergartenjahr 2021/2022 sind nicht mehr möglich. Mit Eröffnung der neuen Kita "Haus für Kinder Burgwiese" schließt der Kindergarten "Haus für Kinder Scheefenkamp"

Haus für Kinder Scheefenkamp
Scheefenkamp 36
26169 Friesoythe
Funding authority
Stadt Friesoythe
Alte Mühlenstraße 12
26169 Friesoythe
Opening times7:30 AM - 1:30 PM o'clock
Closing daysDie vorwiegenden Schließtage fallen in die gesetzlich festgelegte Zeit der Schulferien. Die Schließtage werden rechtzeitig bekannt gegeben.
Specially educational concept child oriented education, daily routine language education, intercultural education, livebased approach, Situation approach


The children in our Kindergarten are cared for in two groups of mixed ages. Through acceptance and appreciation, it is of greatest concern to us to provide a place in which the children can feel comfortable, secure and at ease regardless of resources, nationality, religion. social status, origin, age ore gender.


    A Child is like a butterfly in the wind.

       Some can fly higher than others,

       But each one flies the best it can.

    Why compare one against the other?

                Each one ist different.

                    Each one is special.

                   Each one is beuatiful.


We work in line with the Lower-Saxony Orientation Plan for Education and Development.

The educational contents of our work are determined by the current abilities and interests of the children.

The children are encouraged to angage with ideas, wishes and needs into the dailiy routine. We would

like to accompany the children in understanding the world and support this through an integrated and

holistic way of learning.


               I hear and I forget.

           I see and I remember.

              I do and I understand.



We are looking forward to welcoming the children and are happy to accompany them for a little while on

                                                        their journey of growing up.



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