Kindertagespflegegruppe: Unser Regenbogen II - Herr Gaberdiel

Kindertagespflegegruppe: Unser Regenbogen II - Herr Gaberdiel
Gießener Straße 5a
35043 Marburg
Funding authority
Stadt Marburg (KTP)
Gerhard-Jahn-Platz 1
35037 Marburg
0173/6538046 (Herr Gaberdiel)
Opening times7:30 AM - 2:30 PM o'clock


We have been working together since September 2008 and care each for five permanently assigned daycare children.

Stephan Gaberdiel, born 1968, father of an adult daughter, master baker and food technician

Corinna Becker, mother of four adult children, medical-technical radiology assistant and teacher for medical-technical assistants


Our child-friendly premises are located in the side wing of the house in Gießener Straße 5 in Gisselberg and can be reached barrier-free.

Besides two large, friendly furnished playrooms, we have a large hallway to run in, a kitchen that also serves as a creative space and where life rages, a bathroom and a bedroom.

Outdoor Facilities

Our spacious garden with large sandbox, slides and vehicles invites the children to play in the fresh air. 

We like to use it, especially since changing diapers, washing hands and even a short morning nap for the very youngest can be easily integrated into our daily routine.

Trees and a large awning protect us from the sun and also light rain.

Daily Schedule



We prepare all meals fresh and place emphasis on the use of orcanic, regional and seasonal foods.

Special requests for various reasons (allergies, religion, vegetarian diet) can be accommodated after cosultation and within certain limits.

We ask you to bring a water bottle with water or sugar-free tea for your child.

We emphasize the respectful handling of food. Even the youngest children practise to eat on their own as far as possible.

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Offered care types at Jul 4, 2022:

Kind of care
 Kindertagespflege mit Mittagessen


We want to give the children entrusted to us a sense of security and safety so that they can discover the world with uson the basis of a stable bond. It is important to us to respect the individuality of the children. We don't want to train them to perform functions, but offer them a variety of opportunities to explore their world, to learn about their abilities, but also their limits.

We want to give the parents the opportunity to combine family and career in the best possible way through reliability and flexibility.

Details of our pedagogical work can be found in our detailed concept, which we will gladly hand out to you if you are interested.



Quality Assurance


Teamwork with parents



Through our cooperation we have succeeded in maintaining the family character of a day care center on the one hand, while at the same time enjoying the advantages of the presence of a second caregiver.

We will be happy to explain the details in a personal conversation or you can find them in our detailed concept.

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We celebrate the seasonal festivals for cultural reasons and are open to new inspirations. Summer parties, excursions and garden activitiestake place in consultation with the respective families.

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We care for children from birth until they are three years old or are prepared to enter kindergarten.

Since experiences show that settling in is easiest around the first birthday, we ask you to take this into account in your planning.

Children over two years of age will only be acclimated in exceptional cases.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content.
Care providers are responsible for all profile content.

Description and Stations

Our Regenbogen is conveniently located in Gisselberg, a quiet neighbourhood in the south of Marburg.

There is a cycling line directly in front of our house. The bus stop of the line 383 is about 250 m away. At the house there is a small parking lot for the parents who have to bring their child by car.The Bundesstraße 3 to Gießen or Kassel is only 1,5 km away.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content.

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