Ev. Kindertagesstätte Kreuzkirche

2 - 14 Jahre

Ev. Kindertagesstätte Kreuzkirche
Karl-Marx-Straße 43
63452 Hanau
Funding authority
evang. Stadtkirchengemeinde Hanau
Am Steinheimer Tor 6 a
63450 Hanau
06181 15544 (Frau Bullock)
Opening times7:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
Denomination evangelic
Specially educational concept daily routine language education, partially open concept, Situation orientated approach


The child daycare is part of the Evangelical Parish Hanau. In an atmosphere of security and trust, children can discover and develop their talents and abilities. We orient our pedagogical actions on the message of the gospel. The pedagogical concept of our Institution reflects the work according to the Hessian education plan for children - HBEP.

In the KiTa Kreuzkirche we look after 80 children between the ages of 2 and 14 from different cultures, Religions and life situations in the Lamboy district.
There are two groups for children from 2 to 5 years, a group for children from 5 to 12 years and a group for 6 to 14 year old children.
Experienced professional educators, social assistences and trainees for childcare are part of our Team. The childcare director is additionaly trained in systemic familiy counselling.



The facility includes four group rooms on two floors. The younger children have their rooms on the ground floor.
The Preschoolers and schoolage children are located on the upper floor. 
Each group has a large group room with side room or second level. Between the groups are connecting doors, which allow the children to change the rooms as needed and to meet with friends from other groups.
On the lower floor there is also a large room for physical activity, which the children, depending on age, can use independently in small groups or participate in accompanied activities. The hallway can also be used for playing


Outdoor Facilities

Around the house is the playground with sandbox, various climbing and playing equipment and ping pong table. Behind the house is a natural grassy area with trees and a small garden area for planting herbs and vegetables.
The outdoor area is directly accessible from the group rooms on the bottom floor.



For the open breakfast time we provide water, unsweetend tea and milk.

Our lunch is freshly prepaired and delivered daily.
The food is produced regionally, seasonally and partially in organic quality


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Our KiTa is a place of secrutity, experience and learnig. The center of our work is the self-employed child with its own interests, needs and abilities. We aim to support and accompany each child with his or her individual learning requirements, his personality and stage of development by creating a trusting atmosphere in wich the children feel accepted and safe. We do this in close cooperation with parents.

We work according to the situation-oriented and systemic approach. We see the child within its life context, look at the world from different perspectives, surch for solutions instead of looking for problems.
The aim of our work ist to develop, promote and strengthen the basic skills of children, they are therefore the basis of all our pedagogicol action.

  • Religion and value orientation

We create space in which Christian lifestyle can be experienced by children and their families, by including religious stories and songs in everyday life and celebrating festivals like christmas and easter. The religious education is oriented on the questions and religious experiences of the children and includes conversations about birth, death or political happenings.

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Description and Stations

Sie erreichen uns mit der Buslinie 2: Haltestelle Paul-Ehrlich-Straße, dann 2 Minuten Fußweg
oder mit der Buslinie 10: Haltestelle Karl-Marx-Straße, direkt gegenüber der KiTa

Kurzzeitparkplätze gibt es in den umliegenden Straßen.

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