Evangelischer Kindergarten Sonnenschein

Evangelischer Kindergarten Sonnenschein
Jurastr. 28
79639 Grenzach-Wyhlen
Funding authority
Evang. Kirchengemeinde Wyhlen
Im Baumgarten 5
79639 Grenzach-Wyhlen
07624/4343 (Frau Reimann)
Opening times7:00 AM - 2:00 PM o'clock
Closing days29 inklusive 2 pädagogischer Planungstage
Denomination evangelic
Specially educational concept Situation approach
Extras care with lunch


The kindergarten was built in 1963, 1991 and 1999 expanded and renovated. He is incorporated in the twin town of Grenzach-Wyhlen and located in a residential area of single - and multi-family homes on the outskirts of Wyhlens within a restricted-traffic area. The environment is medium-sized. There's a little edge problem groups and no social tension area.


The rooms of the kindergarten are integrated in the Evangelical Community House.

There is:

3 Group rooms:

-1 room with separate bedroom and baby changing area

-2 rooms with a fixed level of 2.

1 room with gated factory corner

1 entrance hall

1 entrance hall with built-in Playhouse

2 bathrooms, of which one with changing table and shower

1 toilet for adults 1 cellar room

1 kitchen 1 supply room

1 Office 1 cleaning Chamber

1 outdoor play area with a garage

The Community Hall on the upper floor is used as gym room. The tea room space in the basement is used for small group activities and as a dining room.


Eingangsbereich Eingangsbereich

Outdoor Facilities

In the outdoor play area is located:

1 large Kletterhaus with 2 towers mounted circuit 1

1 slide Hill 1 raised bed

1 climbing hills with 2 tubes 1 Gerätehäuschen

1 wooden houses 2 soccer goals

1 covered sandbox 1 basket

1 shadow Hall 1 water pump

1 Weidenhaus 1 herb garden

2 swings 1 climbing pyramid

1 metal climbing hut 1 barefoot path

1 balancing beam 1 Willow Tepee

Various climbing trees and hiding places.


Various game materials and vehicles are kept in the garage.


Kletterturm Kletterturm hinterm Haus hinterm Haus

Daily Schedule

All three groups open at 7:00. Parents bring their children to the group where they are received by the teachers and the supervision begins. When greeting, recorded a first contact with the child and an impression of current well-being. An exchange of information between the parents and the related educator takes place in the manger. This is important for the more gameplay and feel of the educators.

Then it starts free play.

Free means that the children between the offered game options and venues can choose. The teachers accompany and promote the game and give appropriate impetus. Depending on the mental and emotional health, children want to be active or retire to a quiet corner. We manage the schedule flexible. So, it is possible to make offers on-demand or to let children finish their game. During this time we offer in addition targeted activities, involving topics introduced and deepened as well as specific skills are practiced and taught.

All kindergarten children can play and start the offers, the children should be at least at 9:15 in the kindergarten. The entrance door is then closed.

Pick-up time is 11.45 12.15 and from 13:00 to 14:00 for the kindergarten children and cribs children who can't sleep. In the crib, the children take their afternoon NAPs, there can be picked until 14:15. With the adoption of the children they are passed back the family care.


Bauecke Bauecke Apfelsaftpressen Apfelsaftpressen


In the kindergarten groups, free breakfast will take place on a day in the month. The children should bring a breakfast bag from home to do this and can independently decide when they wish to have breakfast. To form small groups that get together at the dining table. Each child again cleans up his place and washes his dishes. The nursery children have breakfast every day together at 9:15.

Each group has a solid meal week in the month, where together with the children's meal is discussed, shopped, prepared and eaten. Nativity children attend aged appropriately, they go shopping for example on the market or help prepare for the batter. There cocoa or apple spritzer depending on the meal to drink.


We pay attention to a balanced diet. Tea and water are offered daily in all groups. We serve a dinner provided by the St Josefshaus Herten as voluntary offer. The cribs kids eat around 11:30 in the Group and the participating kindergarten children at 12:15 in the lunchroom.

Because we to go outside in any weather the children after the clothing should be weather-friendly and comfortable, E.g. mud pants and rubber boots, in kindergarten.


Mittagessen Speisesaal Mittagessen Speisesaal Pizzabacken Pizzabacken
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Offered care types at Nov 15, 2019:

Kind of care
 Krippe - verlängerte Öffnungszeiten
 Altersgemischt U3 - verlängerte Öffnungszeiten
 Kindergarten - verlängerte Öffnungszeiten

Additional Offerings

Once in a week, typically on the Monday morning our graders meeting takes place. The graders of the two groups meet for projects over several weeks, accompanied by different teams of educators. Starting with the "getting to know" in October usually the wood workshop and the candle kitchen visit follows. Start at the beginning of the experiments in the laboratory and after the nature project the year closes with the pirates overnight in the kindergarten.

Each service tags woman Rauschenberger offers PAN PAN musical early education in our rooms.

Every two years, Mrs Fränkle and Mrs Kerkmann offered the land of numbers in the Bonhoeffer.

PAN PAN numbers country offers for children from the age of four and are connected with additional costs.

grünes Klassenzimmer grünes Klassenzimmer Zahlenland Zahlenland


There is a cooperation with:

• the psychological counseling center for parents, children, and adolescents (Rheinfelden/Lörrach)

• Promoting early Lörrach

• the special educational counselling (Rheinfelden and Herten)

• the Sozialpädiatrischen Centre of Lörrach (SPZ)

• the primary school in Grenzach - Wyhlen (cooperation, training)

• the basic school Förderklasse (Rheinfelden)

• the Fachschule für Sozialpädagogik in Lörrach and Freiburg

• the Association of "round table" (planning, financing, subsidies)

• the advice of the Diakonie

The cooperation with the elementary school and the consulting and funding agencies can be done only after consultation and with the agreement of the parents.


Further contacts are to:

• the kindergartens of the municipality of double

• the local shops and companies

• the population through public festivals and events

• the social services

• the women's shelter

• Health services

• the Youth Welfare Office


The social environment of the child, which brings a detachment of intimate ties with expanded upon entry in the nursery and the nursery.

The child experienced in relationships with other children and adults. It developed its own identity (who am I? - I am a girl/boy! - I distinguish me from others!).

Friendships and groups emerge, in which the child is experiencing as a part of the community.

Children acquire their environment in an active process. They learn, where they practically do something (be - access) and process with all your senses.

The children's play has an out great importance in our work. The development of the child will be taken forward by the game. In the game, extended his experience and his knowledge and processed his experiences.

That's why this is free play an important element of our everyday life.


Kribbel-krabbel Kribbel-krabbel


In accordance with the approval by the 01.09.2009 54 children can in 3 groups by the following personnel are educated, formed and supervised:

2 release the groups with the 22 seats for children at the age of 2 years (max. 4) until school age with a service time of daily 7:00 - 14:00. (each 216% professionals)

1 nursery group with 10 children aged 1-3 years with a service time of daily 7:00 - 14:15. (241% professionals)


Hemliglunkiumzug Hemliglunkiumzug

Teamwork with school

We cooperate with the primary schools in Grenzach - Wyhlen. Primarily with the Linden school (www.lindenschule-wyhlen.de) in Wyhlen. Each comes once per week the collaboration teacher in our facility from October and designed the hour of cooperation together with a teacher with the school children.

Teamwork with parents

The parents are important caregivers in our nursery school everyday for us. The first contact to the kindergarten is usually at the interview. It is us very much because to build a trusting cooperation for the benefit of the child with the parents. Good cooperation is useful to get to know the children better and understand. For example the short talks at the market and pick up the children and encounters common festivals and activities are used.

We tell the parents about the kindergarten paper "Plain as day", letters, parents evenings and notices important information from everyday kindergarten. An open exchange during a familiarization meeting and agreed parents talks 1 x in the year, is necessary to detect the State of development of a child and be a common path to the best interests of the child to the parents.

A special part of our parents work is the collaboration with the PRC. The supporting and promotional task of the parents Advisory Board is set out in article 5 of the kindergarten Act.

Each kindergarten year, two parent-teacher associations are selected per group. The overall parent Association is in contact with the team of educators and the media. He can represent the interests of the parents, take part in festivals and events, and support the work of the educators. The organizational work in kindergarten can be in many ways supported by the parents and accompanied. Their skills can be inserted with dress markets, festivals and other activities, such as Carnival, St. Martin, lantern craft, renewals of gaming areas or during visits to the parents in the Group (observation). In church services and parents evenings special topics are deepened, and parents will get an intense insight into the educational work. The family forest day at the summer party at the school overnight, are garden action, and the Putztagen to for the parents and teachers know the ways to interact in a relaxed atmosphere, and to make contacts.


Linzertortenbacken Linzertortenbacken Sommerfest Sommerfest
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Herzlich Willkommen Herzlich Willkommen


Zahlreiche Projekte begleiten uns durch das Jahr. Es können nicht immer alle stattfinden, manche wechseln sich auch ab. Es gibt eine Osterprojektwoche, eine Instrumentenwoche, ein Pflanzprojekt, ein Kreativprojekt, eine Matschprojektwoche, ein Sommerrecyclingprojekt, eine Waldwoche, eine Bewegungbaustelle, eine gruppenübergreifende Projektwoche zum Sommerfest, der Erntedankgottesdienst und die übergreifende Weihnachtswerkstatt.

Waldwoche Waldwoche Forschertage Forschertage
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Description and Stations

Starting point: City Hall Wyhlen on the B34

-> turn in Eisenbahstraße

-> at the roundabout the second exit-through underpass continue

-> then right turn on power plant road

-> then 3rd right upper field road

-> next left law Street-after approx. 200m kindergarten on the right page

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