Inklusionsgruppe Sonnenstrahlen

2-6 Jahre

Inklusionsgruppe Sonnenstrahlen
Kolpingweg 19
73479 Ellwangen (Jagst)
Funding authority
Reha-Südwest Ostwürttemberg-Hohenlohe gGmbH
Schulstraße 7
73499 Wört
Opening times7:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
Specially educational concept inclusion
Extras Integrative facility, care with lunch, full day care


In our "Sonnenstrahlen"-group, children with and without disabilities play, learn and laugh together. The shared experiences enrich the development of all children and are valuable for their further journey.

The kindergarten everyday should be fun for our children. They should have the opportunity to learn, to make friends and to live their skills and interests. Each child is valued with its strengths and weaknesses mindfully and may shine with us!

The group consists of a total of 18 children, of whom six children have a disability. We welcome children from the age of two to our group.

The children spend their everyday life with us in the building of the protestant kindergarten "Arche Noah". Here we work closely with the protestant kindergarten in the context of festivals and other actions.

All children are welcome!

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Offered care types at Aug 8, 2022:

Kind of care
 Altersm. GT-Gruppe für Kinder von 2-3 Jahren; max. 50 h/Woche
 GT-Gruppe für Kinder von 3-6 Jahren; max. 50 h/Woche

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